Reasons You’re Attracted to Someone

Over the last few decades science has gained a lot of attention when it comes to the topic of why we are attracted to certain people. It used to be that we were just attracted to bodies – now we know that there’s more to it than that. Now you can look into the mirror and find yourself responding sexually to a new man or woman. This is because we have learned how to trigger the right neurological responses in our bodies, and not the kind that men and women experience.

Women’s sexual attraction to men across all stages of their menstrual cycle, not unlike conventional dating advice. Sexually active women will admit to having affairs with married men, and these acts will have no stigma attached to them like those that accompany infidelity. This book focuses on how we use different triggers to attract someone, and we can use these triggers for ourselves as well as others.

Reasons You’re Attracted to Someone by Amy Waterman is an easy read, and even the “lesbian” question choices are presented in an understandable manner for all genders. It’s important that this information reaches as many people as possible, especially given the current state of affairs when it comes to gender relations. While this book doesn’t deal with anal sex (which some may consider taboo), it still provides excellent information on how women use sexual triggers to ensure that they don’t get caught in the act with a man they aren’t really attracted to. This is information that many readers will be interested in knowing.

Men, just like women, respond to triggers in much the same way. In this book, the author shows men across the globe the different sexual attraction triggers that women use to get what they want from a relationship. It’s important that men learn how these triggers work so that they can better use them themselves to achieve similar results in the future. This isn’t a book that teaches men how to perform love making, but rather a guide to help them understand the mechanics of attraction. Couple this information with the fact that this book targets the modern man, and you’ve got a powerful package that delivers exactly what you want.

For men, the idea of being able to understand their partner’s triggers and figure out ways to use them is invaluable. Couple this understanding with the fact that this book has been written for both women and men and you’ve got the recipe for success. There’s no denying that many men have problems relating to women and dating. They’re often clueless about how to approach and interact with them. These problems can be quieted simply by learning more about the opposite sex.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can do this, why not give This Book a read? You’ll quickly find out what it’s all about and if it might be something that can improve your life. Even if you don’t think that it can, it’s definitely worth a look. You may just find the key to make you more attracted to someone.

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